Essential Oils and Sleep - Online Class Resource Pack

Essential Oils and Sleep - Online Class Resource Pack

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  • This 45+ Slide Online Class slide deck is titled "Essential Oils and Sleep" is a brilliant resource for you to deliver an Essential Oils Class to an online audience. This class will educate your audience on safe practices for Essential Oils, Useful Essential Oils, Helpful Blend Recipes and how to use oils for a night time routine.  
  • The online "Essential Oils and Sleep" File is delivered in 3 x file formats
    1. Beautiful Keynote Presentation (version 9.2.1 - 6529)
    2. Beautiful PowerPoint Presentation (Version 16.35)
    3. Beautiful Presentation (Please Notem the videos do not work in PDF Format) 
  • This Essential Oils and Sleep Presentation is 100% editable in both Keynote and Powerpoint. The free fonts Stefian Script and Avenir Next are use in this design and both are included in this resource pack. When the words "Lorem ipsum" are used in the Presentation - this is for you to insert your wording. 

  • The Essential Oils and Sleep Oils includes lots of beautiful custom shot images of a pregnant model holding different Essential Oils. These images captured outdoors at golden hour bring a sense of calm and relaxation to the class. The majority of information for this class is taken from this dōTERRA eBook "Essential Oils and Sleep"
    • This Resource Pack is an instant digital delivery and the purchasers of this product will receive immediate access to an online Google Drive folder. 

    • This Resource Pack is a jammed packed presentation with lots of options for presenting in a class. You are able to customise your class to your audience using this template and are able to deliver a class that is relevant, interesting and captivating. Make your classes personal and be sure to include your logo on each slide when you are presenting! 
    • The sample images on this page provide a sneak peak of the collection and gives the buyer an understanding of how final product will look.  

    • All images in this collection meet dōTERRA Compliance and have been licensed to ensure that they represent the official dōTERRA brand.

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    * All Essential Oil Image purchasers must agree to utilise the images[s] in a commercially reasonable manner and in such a manner that will not harm the professional reputation of the seller. 

    * This resource can only be used to share with your dōTERRA Customers and not to be shared with any other dōTERRA Wellness Advocates or Builders. 

    *All Essential Oil Image purchasers must agree to upload the stock images solely on their own personal or business marketing platforms. The purchased images are not to be shared between dōTERRA Teams or Wellness Advocates. 

    * Buyer must not on-sell photographs and artistic works.

    * This Class Presentation will need to be checked carefully before presenting to check that all written language is compliant and appropriate for the dōTERRA Market.

    *Seller and Buyer shall at all times maintain utmost good faith and fair dealing in their mutual duties under this agreement.

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