• Jane Falconbridge, Diamond leader

    I have been purchasing resources from Essential Oil Images for a couple of years now. The professionalism, photography and graphic design is on point and in my opinion, it’s an investment very well spent. Online marketing skills are not something that came easy to me. In the past, I would spend HOURS creating content and images and I began to dread doing it. I love now being able to dedicate more time to growing my business and doing the things that light me up, rather than always going down the Canva and stock image rabbit hole myself! Thanks James and Sarah

  • Tania Morgan, Gold leader

    I am absolutely obsessed with the content created by James and Sarah from Essential Oil Images.

    I love how easy it is for me to get my hands on quality content, quickly and affordably.

    I have been investing in the larger items such as ebooks and presentations to deliver to our large community. Many of my team are also purchasing promotional material to grow and support their own businesses in a way that is affordable and suitable for their own budget.

    Just because you are just starting out doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot OR struggle through. 

    James and Sarah are very thoughtful and always open to feedback and ideas which means we are constantly getting new material! 

  • Sue Pogson, Silver leader

    I have been purchasing collections, images & graphics from James @ Essential Oil Images in collaboration with Sarah Poppy, since the commencement of his business. I took advantage of the membership packages and truly appreciate the value for money the membership offers.

    The graphics are full of creativity and I appreciate the time that James and Sarah take with their eye for detail. Using essential oil images and graphics saves me an amazing amount of time, in trying to be imaginative for images to be used for promoting my doTERRA business.

    I highly recommend Essential Oil Images for those who want to save themselves time with graphics and images, while being able to customise and brand for their business.

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